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Fisheries and Agriculture

World Soil Day 2022 |06 December 2022

World Soil Day 2022

Dr Nourice

‘If we take good care of Soil, it will take good care of us’ – Apas chairman


“While we reflect on the theme for this year's World Soil Day – ‘Soil, Where Food Begins’ – we must take into account our local context.

“We have to acknowledge that in Seychelles this theme is slowly becoming less significant to our younger generation.

“This is mainly because the subject of food production continues to remain an obscure career choice for very few and therefore lacks the valorisation it deserves.

“While is it true that soil is where all our food begins, for most people today this is an obscure reality since for most of us our food production starts from the supermarket.

“This year's theme brings to our understanding that, for us to give food its real value, we must understand the production process that most food derives from and that is soil-based production.

“As politicians and other decision-makers around the world are pushing for policies that are detrimental to our production sector by encouraging a system of global food monopolization, mother nature takes the time each year to remind us that we can benefit from the service provided by Soil to produce our food.

“My hope for the coming year is that we take into account the fact that, while Soil is where our Food begins, it is also a finite resource.

“If we take good care of it, it will take good care of us.

“I take this occasion to wish all farmers and allied industries of the agriculture sector an enjoyable World Soil Day 2022.”


Dr. Barry Daniel Nourice (Ph.D. Soil Science)

Chairman Agricultural Producers Association of Seychelles (Apas)

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