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Tourism Day |28 September 2022

Tourism Day

Visitors taste Seychelles’ traditional infusions and snacks


Guests to the Botanical Gardens were yesterday treated to a special taste of Seychelles’ infusions and snacks to commemorate World Tourism Day.

To commemorate the event, the Tourism department had set up a kiosk at the entrance of the gardens in Mont Fleuri, where visitors were able to taste tea infusions, such as lemon grass (citronelle), lemon balm (grobonm), calamansi (bigarad) and snacks such as banana cakes, chilli cakes, coconut cakes and ‘nougat’ served by ‘Wildflower’ catering company based at the Botanical gardens.

The Tourism department said instead of holding the event at the airport as is the case in previous years where it is used to welcoming visitors to Seychelles, this year it wanted to meet and thank the other visitors, presently on holiday in the country.

Altogether 14 couples walked by the kiosk to taste the infusion and snacks, while enjoying the local traditional instrumental music performed by ‘Reviv’ Band.

A similar event was held at La Pirogue Restaurant, on Praslin accompanied by traditional Kanmtole dance by Tropical Stars Band and the GrannKaz, L'Union Estate, La Digue, with the Mardilo dance show.

This year’s Tourism Week’s theme is ‘Rethinking Tourism – Experience Our Culture’.


Patsy Canaya

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