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Seychelles police day   Male officers learn more about prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction |22 September 2022

Seychelles police day     Male officers learn more about prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction

Some police officers had the opportunity to learn more about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, during one of the activities to celebrate their day – the Seychelles police day ‒ yesterday.

The session was ran by Dr Joshua Gopal and June Jean and it is the first time that police officers benefitted from such a talk.

Dr Gopal explained what prostate cancer is and talked about the symptoms of prostate cancer and how it can be detected early. The session was quite animated and many questions were asked.

“It is important to note that prostate cancer is the highest among the male population of 50 to 70 years old. This month is the urology month and this week is the urology week and we are trying to have more talks with the community so that they can come forward to do the tests,” said Dr Gopal.

Dr Gopal advised that if you have members of the family who had prostate cancer, it is better to start doing some tests, or else you can wait till you are 50 years old to start doing the tests and every year you have to do the prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

He noted that diet and smoking are the main contributors to the increase in the number of cancer patients and more and more men have erectile dysfunction. “But if people come forward with their issues, we can advise them and help them overcome the problem,” he said.

Nurse June Jean, who has 10 years’ experience working with the Seychelles Hospital, said “one of my objectives this year is to help educate the population on the sickness related to urology” and he urged men to not be shy to talk about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

The officers enjoyed the talk and thanked the Ministry of Health for giving them the opportunity to learn more about this subject. They also said they will change their lifestyle and asked the health ministry to address other issues in future.

Gina Laporte, a nurse by profession, also helped out with the information sharing and answered various questions from the police personnel.


Text & photos by Vidya Gappy

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