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Covid-19 update   Active cases increase to 177 from 142 last week |09 August 2022

Over the past week, there has been a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. The number of active cases has increased to 177, from 142 last week.

Last week there were 133 active cases on Mahé, eight on Praslin, one on La Digue, while no case was reported on the other islands. But an update on the situation as of August 7 issued yesterday by the Ministry of Health shows an increase of 35 cases.

From the 177 active cases, 160 are on Mahé, Praslin has a record of 10 cases, La Digue three cases while the other islands (Silhouette) has recorded four cases.

The 7-day moving average which stood at 15 last week has also increased to 21 cases.

The highest number of reported current active cases is 14 at Anse Royale.

Presently there are no patients admitted at the Covid-19 treatment facilities.

The health authorities  are monitoring the recent increase very closely.

Vaccination remains a valuable tool in the fight against Covid-19 and members of the public are being advised to keep their vaccination status up to date.

In view of the recent uptick in number of Covid-19 cases and with reports of increase in

the number of other respiratory illnesses in circulation, the Ministry of Health is making a special appeal to everyone to exercise caution, especially for those traveling to La Digue for the Feast of the Lady of Assumption.

It is anticipated that there will be large crowds on La Digue over the coming weekend starting

Friday August 12.  

Members of the public are advised to:

- Avoid crowds and as much as possible to wear a face mask especially in crowded places even in indoor public places.

- Wash and sanitise your hands often. Hand hygiene is very important in preventing respiratory and other infections.

- If you have symptoms of any respiratory illness, stay at home.

- Face mask remains mandatory in all public transport, including  on aircraft and ferries.


Press release from the Ministry of Health


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