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Care givers and patients to benefit from new rehabilitative and palliative devices |09 August 2022

Care givers and patients to benefit from new rehabilitative and palliative devices

Care givers and patients are set to benefit from new rehabilitative and palliative devices.

Patient turing device, oxygen adjuster, slotted plates, adjustable wedge back rest were among the devices introduced in a small launch ceremony last week at the Blend Office Providence.

The aim of the launch was for Gina Laporte, a nurse by profession, to expose a variety of devices that she herself has been using as a care giver and has experienced the benefit firsthand. 

“I am a nurse by profession, and recently been working in the capacity of a care giver. I’ve been visiting many patients who are being supported by a care giver in their home. From my observation, with my background, I discovered that something needs to be done to assist me and others in the care giving field, to bring comfort during the rehabilitation stage.”

Palliative care is specialised medical care for people living with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart failure. Ms Laporte said that the devices are not only for these illnesses. They can also be used in other circumstances.

“It could be an alteration in your activities of daily living, you could be recovering from surgery, you could have had a car accident, broken limb, and you need to recover to get back to society, you could be diagnosed with a disease, and now coping skill is different or you’ve reached your last life stage.”

Ms Laporte said that the devices will help the patient to be less dependent on the care givers.

“…and if they are going through their last life stage the device will make it a little bearable.”

Ms Laporte has made a brochure that contains the devices, alongside her number that you may wish to WhatsApp, call, or text, for pick up or delivery of the devices.

“I have half of the devices in stock. Because I am an online business, as the demand increases I will re-stock accordingly, then when I become more visible, I will stock up more. I know for some people, facilities for pick up will be difficult and those living far might not pick up or know about the devices, that’s why I want the members of the Assembly, people who work in the district to be a voice of the products to help, guide people that need these devices.”

Displayed on the table during the Launch, just to name a few, were different suction plates that hold fast the patient food, 3 doses medication boxes for pills, weighted silicone spoon or fork adjusters to help patient when eating especially if their hands shake a lot. Patient lift aid belt transfer especially helpful for caregivers to lift patient.

Invitees for the launch were the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as the Seychelles Cancer Concern Association, Seychelles Stroke Foundation, and the Institute for the elderly. After Ms Laporte had carefully explained and demonstrated the use of each device, the floor was opened for questions.

The chairperson of the Seychelles Cancer Concern Association, Noemie Woodcock, wanted to know if Ms Laporte could import hospital like bed so that patient could use with the foam slanted back rest. In her response, she said that for the moment she does not import bed, that the foam slanted back rest can be used with any bed that the patient is currently using.

During the question and answer time, the treasurer for the Seychelles Cancer Concern Association, Lysette Sulemann, proposed to Ms Laporte to also go online to promote the devices.

“One thing we have learned from Covid is to move away from paper, and market online; anybody on the phone, computers can access the information and pay for the devices online.”

“Through our visits we have seen patient crying they are suffering mentally and physically and having those small devices will bring some comfort to them.”

Also present at the meeting was the Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Patricia Francourt.

“I am here today as a friend to Gina, and vice-chairperson of the Cancer Concern Association. I worked alongside Gina in the association and we have seen that there is a demand for such devices. This is a dream come true, not just for Gina but for all of us and families of Seychelles because they are devices that we need, so she has started it now and the way forward is to see how it goes.”

The launch of the devices ended with Ms Laporte asking all present to be the word of mouth to explain to the community about the different devices and their functions.

The accompanying photos show Ms Laporte demonstrating the use of the various devices to guests present at the launch ceremony.


Fatimih Renaud

Photos by Joena Meme





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