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  Cable and Wireless fitness gym re-opens   |08 August 2022

   Cable and Wireless fitness gym re-opens   

Messrs D’Offay and Marie officially re-opening the fitness gym

Staff of Cable and Wireless Seychelles are now able to kick-start their fitness routine, following the re-opening of the company’s gym.

The facility was officially re-opened during a brief ceremony at the telecommunications company’s Victoria branch.

The much-awaited gym had been one of the facilities that staff members used to empower themselves and keep fit, while the Covid-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works and delayed the overall renovation and inauguration.

The renovated gym was officially re-opened by chief executive of Cable and Wireless Seychelles (CWS), Georges D’Offay, and head of the Exile Committee (staff social club) Jude Marie, in the presence of staff members.

The company hopes that employees will take advantage of the convenience and close proximity that the gym has to offer, since CWS believes it is important that employees maintain a regular fitness plan to keep the mind, body and soul at high functionality.

Mr D’Offay said CWS is always looking for ways to expand and better its employee relations, and is thrilled to contribute to the CWS community by providing a unique experience to motivate colleagues on their fitness journey.




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