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Chat with Anuj Sharma, owner of GamappSportswizz |01 August 2022

Chat with Anuj Sharma, owner of GamappSportswizz

Mr Sharma showing the new App on the phone

‘It is important to use technology for sustainability’


During a recent event, an app for Moyenne Island was launched whereby visitors can view information on the island. The app was launched by President Wavel Ramkalawan and Anuj Sharma, the developer of the app.

Seychelles NATION caught up with him to know more about the app and his company.


Seychelles NATION: Please tell us about your company.

Anuj Sharma: Gamification technology is changing the way we learn and we engage with our customers. Our company is called GamappSportswizz. We use Gamification technology to develop Apps and Learning Management Systems. Our customers are businesses, governments and education institutions. We can achieve a lot more if our work was more fun, more enjoyable. We believe play is new work, albeit serious work. Gamification technology allows us to do that.


Seychelles NATION: Describe the app you developed

Anuj Sharma: Suketu Patel, chairman of Moyenne Foundation, has the vision that people in Seychelles and across the world should see and appreciate Brandon Grimshaw’s wishes of sustaining Moyenne as an eco-friendly destination. So he mandated us to create this App.

We used gamification technology to bring out the information about features and exclusive plants and trees on Moyenne in a fun manner, using Quizzes, QR codes, videos and points that you can win. And it’s a free App which is available across the world, provides access to everybody. Soon we shall have a Treasure Hunt game in the app for overseas tourists as well as for Seychellois.


Seychelles NATION: Why it is important to have such an app and what is its input towards learning?

Anuj Sharma: It is important to use technology for sustainability. It is important to use all techniques at our disposal to promote sustainability. The first step is to disseminate knowledge, make people aware, make people play and learn about the environment and initiatives to sustain our resources.

So we need to create many such apps like Moyenne Island to promote awareness of sustainable eco-systems. We need apps for fisheries, energy-friendly projects, sustainable e-commerce and many related areas.


Seychelles NATION: What other apps have you developed for Seychelles?

Anuj Sharma: We have partnered with a Seychelles financial services firm to create a Compliance Training Game, Compliopolee, which is relevant for all of Financial Services institutions in Seychelles and worldwide.

We have also created an App for learning of English and Maths for primary school children using Gamification Technology and we have created gamification apps for learning of ancient languages.

Now, we are creating App for a Sports Metaverse, using web3 technology, across different sports, which will also have a presence in Seychelles.

And we have many applications for our international clients across Travel & Tourism, Government, Education, Banking & Financial Services and Sports and we hope to create similar apps for Seychelles through local partnerships.


To know more about this company, the public can call on Mobile and Whatsapp : 2715566 or Email :


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