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Seychelles climbs the ranks of global passport index   |23 July 2022

Allowing holders to travel to 153 countries without a visa, the Seychelles passport has been ranked 28th in the Henley Passport Index.

This is a step higher form its prior position of 29th in 2021.

The Henley Passport Index ranks all the 199 passports of countries around the world according to the number of destinations their holder can travel to without first acquiring a visa. Its Henley and Partners’ research team enhances and uses the data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which is currently the world’s largest travel information data base.

Japan holds the 1st rank since 2018, with its passport holders now able to travel to 193 countries visa-free, and is followed by Singapore and South Korea both in 2nd place with one less accessible country.

On the other hand, the last passport in the index is Afghanistan, as its holders can  travel to only 27 countries without a prior visa.

Seychelles still holds its number one position as the strongest passport on the African continent, with Mauritius following closely behind in second place.


Compiled by Sylia Ah-Time

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