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Plaisance primary school rewards best overall P6 2021 cohort   |23 July 2022

Plaisance primary school rewards best overall P6 2021 cohort   

Best overall performer Hailey Melanie in the company of head teacher Therese Athanase

An award presentation ceremony was held yesterday to reward former P6 pupils from Plaisance who excelled in the 2021 national exams.

The award ceremony, held at the school, was attended by the member of the National Assembly for Roche Caiman, Hon. Audrey Vidot; the Roche Caiman district administrator, Bernadette Rosalie; the principal education officer from the Ministry of Education, Ina Felix; the head teacher of Plaisance secondary school, Jenny Kilindo; teachers; parents; sponsors and other invited guests.

Among the nine best performers, Hailey Melanie came out as the best overall student for the school in the 2021 national exam with a total of 485 points. Among her grades were 3 ‘A’s and 1A*. The 12-year-old also scored the highest nationally for English.

“I knew I did well for the exam but I was not expecting the kind of results. I am very proud and happy with my achievements and I would like to thank my teachers, parents and friends who have supported me along the way. I would also like to encourage my fellow primary school colleagues to take their lessons seriously and also to find time to have fun,” said Hailey.

The other eight best performers are Alsya Moustache (474 points. Among her grades 3 ‘A’s); Reena Siddha (472 points. Among her grades 2 ‘A’s); Leela Arrisol (470 points. Among her grades 3 ‘A’s); Kiera Berlouis (469 points. Among her grades 4 ‘A’s); Anisha Labrosse (469 points. Among her grades 3 ‘A’s); Brigitta Ngaleu (467 points. Among her grades 2 ‘A’s); Kelly Sinon (463 points. Among her grades 2 ‘A’s) and Ashvin Poiret (452 points. Among her grades 2 ‘A’s). 

The nine students were chosen as the school’s best of the best for achieving the school’s set criteria by scoring more than 450 points.

The students, who are following their first year secondary education at the Plaisance secondary school, will be featured on the primary school Wall of Fame.

In her opening remarks, the school’s head teacher, Therese Athanase, congratulated the nine students for making the school and their parents proud. She added that the staff’s commitment is geared towards the school’s vision to raise pupils’ attainment levels in all subjects.

“Hence, our school’s vision is to equip pupils with adequate knowledge, skills and abilities to develop their potentials in a favourable learning environment. So academically, and creatively, the Plaisance primary school is offering every child the opportunity for personal success,” Mrs Athanase said. 

Mrs Athanase called on the students to continue to seize the given opportunities to excel in their studies and to aim for greater heights.   

She also commended the hard work of the teachers from creche to P6 who have moulded the students to give the best of themselves and to the parents for supporting their child’s journey.

Delivering a few words of encouragement on behalf of the ministry, Mrs Felix congratulated the students on their achievements and thanked everyone who have impacted positively on their performance.   

She called on the students to make wise decisions in life and to continue to focus on their education.

On behalf of her fellow students, Hailey Melanie thanked all teachers (present and those who have left) and their parents for shaping them into the students that they have become. 

She called on them to continue supporting them throughout their educational journey.

During the ceremony, the audience was entertained by songs, poems and traditional dances by the students and teachers.

The sponsors were also recognised for the contributions to the students’ success.  


Text & photos by Patrick Joubert 

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