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Mission accomplished for Tourism Seychelles in Israel! |05 July 2022

Mission accomplished for Tourism Seychelles in Israel!

The Seychelles delegation

Tourism Seychelles recently hosted a series of marketing events to showcase the destination to trade partners in Tel Aviv.

The Seychelles delegation was led by the director-general for destination marketing, Bernadette Willemin, who was accompanied by the market director for Israel, Stephanie Lablache and representatives from several businesses, including Air Seychelles, 7 Degrees South, Luxury Travel, Pure Escape, Creole Travel Services, Hilton Hotels & Resorts Seychelles and Constance Hotels and Resorts Seychelles.

The first event was a workshop presentation organised at the Setai Hotel and was attended by around 90 high-profile trade professionals from the Israeli trade. During the event, they had the opportunity to view presentations from the Tourism Seychelles team and the Seychelles trade.

The workshop was followed by a networking event at the same venue, which provided a relaxing ambience for the Seychelles trade partners present to engage further with the tourism professionals from Israel.

For its next event, Tourism Seychelles hosted a breakfast meeting at the Norman Hotel, where 25 of the most influential media personalities from Tel Aviv were present. Aside from the destination’s presentation, the meeting included Q&A sessions where Ms Lablache and Mrs Willemin had the chance to keep press partners abreast of new developments in Seychelles, touching on new products and interesting attractions for Israeli visitors.

Ms Lablache expressed that both events were highly successful, and partners had been receptive.

“We are extremely satisfied with the two events held in Tel Aviv as the turnout was great. It was quite encouraging to see mostly CEOs and VIPs at our event at Setai, proving that Seychelles is trending in Israel and that the Israeli market has enormous potential for Seychelles. We also had the opportunity to reconnect with existing press partners and new ones that are keen to visit Seychelles and help place the destination in the spotlight for their audiences,” said Ms Lablache.

The Tourism Seychelles team concluded the Israel mission with a marketing courtesy visit to several key partners on the market, including two close collaborators of Tourism Seychelles, Ethiopian Airlines and Turkish Airlines, and two leading tour operators in Israel, Spirit and Arkia.

“This visit allowed us to review the state of the Israeli market, and I am quite content with the feedback received from partners. We have had great insight into this market, which was an emerging market for us during the pandemic. With its competitors back in the game, Seychelles is all the more in need of visibility. We have reinforced our presence on the market through the new business relationships formed with partners and press members,” said Mrs Willemin.

She also highlighted that it is crucial for Seychelles to remain in the limelight as destinations are reopening around the world.


Press release from Tourism Seychelles

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