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Missing US $50 million court case |10 June 2022

New lead prosecutor in the case of the Republic vs Fahreen Rajan


The new lead counsel for ACCS (the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles) in the case of the Republic vs Fahreen Rajan is Karen Robinson, a British national who presented herself before the judge yesterday at the Supreme court.

Prosecuting attorney Robinson arrived in Seychelles on Tuesday June 7 and was sworn in yesterday before Judge David Esparon.

The attorney, whose working permit (GOP) is in order, will be assisted by attorney Tony Juliette.

Counsel Robinson has asked the presiding judge for adequate time to review the case which was approved by all parties and the case has been adjourned until June 23. The bail conditions for Rajan remains the same.

To note there are two charges brought against Rajan – forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery. Rajan was arrested at the Seychelles International Airport on Friday January 21 while attempting to leave the country following a red alert notice issued by the court earlier that day.

Rajan, who occupies a key role in the management of Mukesh Valabhji’s assets by way of the Power of Attorney as chief executive for the Felicite Island Development Limited, has express control over one of the largest assets of the Valabhji financial empire.

Counsel Tony Juliette noted that there is a strong possibility of Rajan being used as witness for the prosecution.

The charges brought against Rajan, businessman Mukesh Valabhji and his wife Laura Valabhji are currently being amended as asked by Supreme Court Judge Ronny Govinden. The charges that were amended previously were solely for the three accused individually and the judge has asked to re-amend the charges so that it comprises all three accused.

Rajan will appear in court alongside all the other accused on June 23.


Marla Simeon


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