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Children’s Day message from United Seychelles |01 June 2022

‘Let’s create a safer and wholesome environment for our children’


“The United Seychelles party joins the chorus of well-wishers to wish the children of Seychelles a happy Children’s Day. Their innocent and bubbly experiences sparkle our beloved nation and we shower God’s blessings upon them.

“Children’s Day is recognised on various dates in many places around the world to honour children. Seychelles, along with several other countries, adopted June 1 as the date dedicated to promoting the wellbeing, welfare and protection of the rights of the children.

“It is said that there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. The rights and protection of our children are enshrined in our Constitution. The United Seychelles party calls on the government to create safer and wholesome environment for our children where they are free from abuse, discrimination and exploitation.  To be noted, a significant number of our youth on drugs were at one point abused in their childhood.

“The Covid-19 has changed the lives of many people, and like adults, the children too are forced to face this new reality. Despite the challenges, our children remain our most valuable resource and it is our duty to equip our children with the right skills, habits and tools needed to lead a happy and healthy life and to be respectful to others.

“Our children are our hope for a better tomorrow. They are the symbols of promise and potential, so let us stand beside them and guide them well.

“Happy Children’s Day!”


Press release from the United Seychelles party

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