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MCB sponsors Seychelles’ endemic board project |25 May 2022

MCB sponsors Seychelles’ endemic board project

Mr Jackson and PS Eulentin signing the agreement (Photo: Joena Meme)

The Mauritius Commercial Bank and the education for sustainable development section of the Ministry of Education of Seychelles signed an agreement on Monday for the endemic board project which covers the installation of information on endemic species in identified/selected eco-schools.

This environmental initiative is in the form of an endemic board to be used to teach the pupils the importance of endemic species in our eco-system, the need to protect, conserve them for our eco-system resilience. MCB Seychelles is donating to selected eco-schools of Seychelles the endemic boards in honour of the late Katy Beaver who passed away in October 2021. She was the founder of the Plant Conservation Action Group and as a conservationist was involved in many types of research and studies. She was also a writer and illustrator.

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) managing director Bernard Jackson stated that “at a time of extreme concerns regarding conservation and climate change, MCB is proud to contribute to the knowledge of our youth on our rich natural heritage for which we are the custodians. Knowing about these species is the starting point for treasuring them and preserving them for our future generations. This project also pays a fitting tribute to one of our greatest lovers of nature, the regretted Mrs Katy Beaver, whom I have had immense privilege to meet on the occasion of the unveiling of the first endemic species board.”

MCB Seychelles firmly believes in the positive social, economic and environmental factors that contribute to a successful country. “As a bank, we look beyond our day-to-day job in finance and welcome community initiatives that uphold the above pillars. One of our main pillars under our community support is valuing and safeguarding our cultural and environmental heritage,” said the MCB managing director.

Elaine Derjacques, marketing and communication manager at the bank, added that “this project came along as Mrs Beaver was known to be a protector of Seychelles' green environment and lived through her husband Lyndsay Chong Seng, who is a well-known local environmentalist. Mrs Beaver worked closely with The Children’s House to bring the Seychelles endemic board project to fruition. She remains a pioneer who was instrumental in voicing out issues concerning the environment and creating awareness of the Seychelles biodiversity, nationally and internationally.”

This project falls within the MCB values and beliefs as the bank believes in success beyond numbers. “Our ‘Success Beyond Numbers’ our sustainable initiatives which is a reiteration of our core and historical values.

“This implies that we have a responsibility towards people, businesses and their prosperity. As such, the endemic species represented on the boards are valuable to our environment, to our eco-system’s resilience and to our livelihood to name a few, falling neatly in line with the sixth pillar of the Seychelles National Development Strategy 2019-2023 ‒ Environmental sustainability and resilience; and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, namely Goal 15 levelling Life on land and Goal 13 aimed towards climate change. Both these goals together with the gained knowledge on the importance of our endemic species work hand-in-hand towards a more sustainable future for our islands,” noted Ms Derjacques.


Benefits of the project

The project has many benefits in regards to the children’s learning, allowing them to identify our endemic species and habitat level of the forest they thrive in.

Our biodiversity is constantly under threat due to the effects of global warming, by educating the youths, MCB believes that this will aid in future conservation measures which will allow for ecosystem resilience.

The Seychelles economy thrives on the tourism sector, connecting our youth with nature and teaching them how to conserve the environment, will prove to be beneficial for future generations.

Many of our youths may choose to be conservationists, scientists, teachers, or even tour guides. Teaching them young to become the future ambassadors of our nation’s biodiversity.

Principal secretary for education Services, Merna Eulentin thanked MCB for the generous donation and engagement in supporting the eco-school programme.

“It shows your organisation’s commitment towards an environmentally conscious young generation. The endemic posters which will be placed in schools will be very beneficial in facilitating teaching and learning of the endemic species. It will also assist in engaging the students in identifying and preserving our endemic species,” said PS Eulentin.

MCB Seychelles initially sponsored and partnered with The Children’s House whereby the first board has been installed, a project brought forward by Lucy Barois and Katy Beaver. Based on the numerous benefits and keen interests, MCB has solidified partnership with eco-schools to install the boards in selected eco schools.


Vidya Gappy

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