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On the occasion of Labour Day 2022 Message by United Seychelles party leader, Dr Patrick Herminie |30 April 2022

‘US salutes all workers working tirelessly to build our economy’


“The United Seychelles party extends its gratitude to all workers in Seychelles as we come together to celebrate Labour Day. Labour Day is an opportunity to campaign for workers’ rights, show solidarity and celebrate achievements of workers.

“The holiday is observed on May 1 in over 80 countries and it is most commonly celebrated as a commemoration of the achievements of the labour movements. The United Seychelles party salutes all workers working tirelessly to build our economy and we vow to continue to fight for improvements in wages and working conditions through decisive actions.

“Thanks to actions taken by many over the years, workers have won fundamental rights and protections. This day is also marked to honour all the builders of our nation and we want to acknowledge the diligent work done by Mr France Albert Rene, the founding father of the United Seychelles, who fought for social justice, for equality, and for better working conditions.

“People should be at the centre of development: a guiding principle enshrined in the Constitution of the United Seychelles party which remains relevant in today’s economic landscape. We continue to fight for meaningful and sustainable work that allows all members of society to thrive instead of being left struggling to survive.

“The United Seychelles party opposes the recent occurrences on workers’ union affiliated with the party and calls on the government to be more tolerant and appreciative of the work being done by workers’ unions in Seychelles. The government should not see workers’ unions as opponents but rather as a strong ally to address workers’ struggles on their respective platforms. It is only through hard work, efforts and resolute courage that our beloved nation will keep on moving.

“Once again, the United Seychelles wishes all the workers in Seychelles peaceful and safe celebrations with family and friends.


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