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Seychelles Challenge and Outward Bounds Association – Silhouette 5km Challenge Attenza and Kumara the grand winners |30 April 2022

Patricia Attenza and Sisira Kumara surpassed all the obstacles and opponents to emerge as the grand winners of the first Silhouette 5km challenge organised by the Seychelles Challenge and Outward Bounds Association.

Sunday’s event was contested by 37 challengers – 23 women and 14 men – and was jointly hosted by the Seychelles Challenge and Outward Bounds Association (Scoba) and the community, leisure and sports for all unit within the National Sports Council (NSC), while the Seychelles Athletics Federation provided technical support.

In the men’s challenge, Kumara took 26 minutes 43.5 seconds (26:43.5) to complete the course, finishing ahead of Antoine Mondon who was second in 28:19.1.Herve Nicholas finished third overall in 36:23.2.

In the women’s group, Attenza clocked 33:05 to finish first, ahead of Jenna Valentin who finished second in 36:57.1, pushing veteran basketball player Lina Lestrange into third place with a time of 36:57.9

The organisers wish to thank all the loyal sponsors, including the Eau de MORIPAS water bottling company, Islands Development Company (IDC) and Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort.

Launched in September last year, the Scoba functions under the umbrella of the NSC and caters for most of the outdoor activities which previously fell under the community, leisure and sports for all unit.

Its main aim is to ensure that that challenges and outward bound events are blended in Seychelles’ sports, thus, allowing every member of the community the opportunity to take part in challenging games, sports and recreational activities.

The following the complete results of the first Silhouette 5km challenge

Men’s challenge: 1. Sisira Kumara (26:43.5), 2. Antoine Mondon (28:19.1), 3. Herve Nicholas (36:23.2), 4.Vincent Berlouis (36:23.3), 5. Carlos (45:37.9), 6. Terry Octave (47:59.0), 7. Selwyn Medor (52:41.0), 8. Ralph Lestrange (53:06.3), 9. Basil Gendron (55:05.4), 10. Laurent Sam (56:44.7), 11. Jude Lespoir (1:02:53.6), 12. Mervin Lablache(1:12:01.5), 13. John Frood (1h12:08.4), Nathan Finesse (Disqualified).

Women’s challenge:1. Patricia Attenza (33:05.3), 2. Jenna Valentin (36:57.1), 3. Lina Lestrange (36:57.9), 4. Josianne Medor (48:19.8), 5. Helga Chetty (48:30.7), 6. Sunny Yang (48:42.9), 7. Josianne Esparon (53:06.2), 8. Kathleen Sydyal (54:18.4), 9. Kalim Chiang (56:49.3), 10. Elisha Moustache (1h02:21.0), 11. Peggy Bamboche (1h02:53.6), 12. Annielle Berlouis (1h03:31.1), 13. Irisse Volcere (1h03:38.0), 14. LisetteNolin (1h04:25.2), 15. EvaFerley (1h05:20.4), 16.StephanieThérésine (1h12:01.0), 17. ElkeTalma (1h14:17.9), 18. NadiaValentin (1h14:24.7), 19. Lindy Labonte (1h14:25.0), 20. Joshua Labonte (1h14:25.3), 21. Sylvanne Adrienne (1h33:05.7), 22. PearlNalletamby (1h45:12.3), 23. AudreyDubel (1h45:12.7).


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