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52 week challenge 2022 |24 January 2022

Sustainability for Seychelles is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to promote sustainable living practises among households, companies, and other organisations in Seychelles. This year, we are launching a social media campaign with a weekly sustainability challenge for the year 2022. The following is the theme for this week:




17 January

Buy recycled paper toilet paper, without the plastic packaging. Do you really need bleached paper if it is going to be going straight down the toilet?


January 24 - 30

Bring reusable bags for your grocery shop. Every time. Let it become part of your shopping routine, including returning the bags to your car or by the front door once your groceries are unpacked.

31 January

Bring reusable cutlery with you.


7 February

Stop using any single-use plastics.



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