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SBC Audience Survey 2021   Radio stations, multimedia platforms get better feedback than TV |08 January 2022

The two radio stations and multimedia platforms of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) received generally positive feedbacks compared to the TV services in an audience survey carried out by the media house late last year.

Undertaken between December 1 and 22, 2021, the survey was the fourth conducted by SBC to gather feedback from its audience.

Last year’s survey was conducted fully online and a total of 402 responses were recorded, representing a 49% increase compared to 2020, when SBC received 270 responses.


General feedback from the public

The majority of the feedbacks towards the two radio stations and the SBC’s multimedia platforms were generally positive, compared to the TV services.

Respondents commented on several pertinent issues, notably the need to improve the news service, requests for more locally produced TV programmes and poor reception of Radyo Sesel and the TV (DTT) services in some areas.


Areas where SBC is doing well

Viewership & listenership

  • 92% of respondents watch SBC news consistently, often, and sometimes. Though a high percentage, the figure represents a 1.9% decrease from the recorded figure in 2020 which was 94%.

 • 83% of respondents are listening to Paradise FM consistently, often, and sometimes, a slight increase from 82% in 2020.

Performance over the past 12 months

  • For the fourth year in a row, Paradise FM has been rated as the nation’s favourite radio station by 73% of respondents. This indicates a further improvement from the 2020 survey with a 6% increase. Radyo Sesel rose to second place from third in 2020.
  • SBC TV has been ranked second as the favourite local TV station with 52% ranking it second. Last year, it was on par with the other TV local station with 46% of respondents choosing the SBC as their favourite station.


Areas needing improvement

• 38% of respondents are getting bad, very bad or no reception of Radyo Sesel. Last year, this figure stood at 35%.

• Around 56% of respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed that SBC broadcasts enough local programmes compared to only 15% who strongly agreed or agreed.

• Around 70% of respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed that SBC covers enough local news compared to only 12.79% who agreed or strongly agreed.

SBC has reiterated the importance of this annual survey to gather feedback from the audience and to continuously improve on areas identified as weaknesses, while consolidating its strengths.

The survey is conducted to gather feedback for a twelve-month period and should reflect improvement or deterioration over that period. However, the corporation recognises that last year’s survey was conducted at a time when there was a lot of debate around the corporation’s policy of naming individuals in an ongoing court case, and that this has influenced several of the responses.

SBC reassures the public that all feedback, either positive or negative, are valued and are duly considered.

The SBC has already committed to continuous improvements in several areas which the survey has highlighted.

The full survey report is available on SBC’s website under Public Documents or at the link



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