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Experience Seychelles lands two prizes in UNWTO video contest |30 December 2021

Experience Seychelles lands two prizes in UNWTO video contest

An island nation possessing jewels of natural beauty and rich heritage, Seychelles has been given recognition for its storytelling, through two of its ‘Experience Seychelles’ videos, landing among winners of this year’s World Tourism Organisation’s ‘Tourism Video Competition’.

The Tourism Seychelles team presented their ‘Experience Seychelles’ and ‘Creole Rendezvous’ videos under the ‘Tourism and the Decade of Action’ and ‘Exceptional Stories of Sustainable Tourism’ categories, emerging top for the African region.

Expressing her excitement, principal secretary for Tourism, Sherin Francis, said: “This is a major win for Seychelles, especially because sustainability has always been at the heart of our messages to our visitors. To be recognised for our efforts in promoting this and incorporating it within our operations is an honour and an inspiration for those who have yet to embark on the sustainability journey.”

Under the ‘Tourism and the Decade of Action’ category, participants were asked to use film to show how the tourism sector is advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through references to one or several of the 17 Global Goals.

Remarkable examples which highlight the human face of tourism and clearly show the positive social impact the sector can have through generating opportunities for all was the focus of stories told for the ‘Exceptional Stories of Sustainable Tourism’ category.

Launched ahead of the 24th UNWTO General Assembly which took place in Madrid on November 30 over 4 days, the competition was designed to recognise the best visual storytellers from every global region and celebrate destinations who incorporate sustainable development within tourism.

The Experience Seychelles campaign began in April 2020, rolling out its most recent phase in October of this year, highlighting three main aspects of the destination, namely Nature’s Sanctuary, Grand Diversity and Creole Rendezvous, where visitors are invited to visit the islands and explore the essence of the destination.


Press release from Tourism Seychelles

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