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Women’s parliamentary caucus meets Miss Seychelles Kelly-Mary Anette |24 November 2021

Women’s parliamentary caucus meets Miss Seychelles Kelly-Mary Anette

Miss Anette in a souvenir photograph with members of the Women Caucus

Yesterday, members of the women’s parliamentary caucus met with Miss Seychelles Kelly-Mary Anette at the National Assembly compound.

The aim of the meeting was firstly to congratulate Miss Anette on her achievement on winning the Miss Intercontinental Africa crown and finishing fourth overall, as well as discuss her future projects.

The meeting was attended by women’s parliamentary caucus chairperson Regina Esparon, and fellow parliamentarians Noline Sophola, Audrey Vidot, Sylvanne Lemiel, Kelly Samynadin, Doyace Porice, Rosie Bistoquet, Desheila Bastienne and Jany Letourdie.

Miss Seychelles Kelly-Mary Anette was accompanied by Samina Morel from the Beauty Empowerment Seychelles (BES).

She shared her experience of her recent participation in the Miss Intercontinental pageant held in Egypt.

“It was a difficult one, and I also got a fever at some point, but I kept going for the sake of my country. Today, I am happy I made Seychelles proud and I made so many Seychellois proud. When I joined the pageant, one-eighth of the participants did not know about Seychelles, now they all want to come visit. In my future assignments I will surely continue to promote our islands,” shared Miss Anette.

Members of the women’s parliamentary caucus had congratulatory messages and good wishes for her. They all talked about her capacity and talent and how she will advance in life thanks to her inner strength and trust in God.

Hon. Esparon asked Miss Anete about her projects regarding the environment and her organisation for orphans and semi-orphans and how they can help each other.

All the women present shared a few words with her and encouraged her to continue with her good work in society.

“You made all women proud and keep updating us on your projects and we will see how we can be of help,” concluded the chairperson, Hon. Esparon.

Miss Anette was then presented with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates.


Vidya Gappy

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