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Group of SBSA male students learn how to be responsible to prevent gender-based violence |20 November 2021

Group of SBSA male students learn how to be responsible to prevent gender-based violence

The students in a souvenir photograph with guests

A group of 23 enthusiastic male students from the Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) recently took part in a two-day training sessions to prepare them to enter into responsible and resilient adulthood and to equip them with leadership skills, to empower them to become positive and responsible men.

The young teenage boys also learned how to exert positive influence in their community and how to instill a sense of responsibility, self-respect, moral and spiritual values in other young boys.

The Population Unit under the aegis of the Family Department hosted the training as part of the training of trainers’ project funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The training which took place at the SBSA at Anse Royale was led by the Family Department’s principal research officer Gerald Kiwale, senior research officer Gina Adelaide, consultant Benjamin Vel, Seychelles Prison Services Programme Coordinator in the Rehabilitation Unit Donald Zialor, and Lieutenant Gerry Boniface.

The sessions are also in line with the International Men’s Day celebrated yesterday under this year’s theme Better relations between men and women'. The 2021 theme comes with the understanding that the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that gender-based violence can affect relations between men and women.

Mr Kiwale said the sessions were a success and they managed to successfully work with the group of young men.“Such a workshop equips them with knowledge and life skills as they transition to adulthood. They got acquainted with the law of Seychelles and statistics on reported cases of gender based violence. It is inspiring to see their interest in the matter through their participation and as the training of trainers’ project demands, we hope they will adopt best practices and educate their families and peers,” Mr Kiwale said.

This is the third training hosted by the Family Department; the first two targeted men in the work place which sought the creation of a Men’s Association.

SBSA deputy director, Maria Solin, said such trainings are not new to the academy as a previous workshop was carried out with staff. She reiterated that it is important for SBSA to equip students to enter the world of work and the academic qualifications alone will not be enough for them to face the real world. Knowing more about gender base violence will allow them to address issues at home and within the workplace thus developing leadership skills that will lead to a better quality of life.



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