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TGMI welcomes new cohort for CIPS and CILT programmes |13 October 2021

TGMI welcomes new cohort for CIPS and CILT programmes

The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) yesterday re-launched the Chartered Institute of Procurement Supply (CIPS) and the International Certificate in Logistics and Transport (CILT) Programmes, with the cohort who will be undertaking the courses.

In a brief ceremony held at the institution in the morning, executive director Shella Mohideen officially launched the programmes, which are being offered in partnership with United Kingdom (UK) based global professional bodies, CILT UK and CIPS International.

Mrs Mohideen explained that with the demerger from the University of Seychelles (UniSey), TGMI sought to revamp its existing qualifications and develop additional programmes, although it has taken quite some time to overhaul and reorganise existing programmes, thus leading to the decision to partner with reputed international bodies and offer programmes which respond to the demand for high-level professional development in new areas.

She also explained that there are opportunities for participants to progress onto higher level studies from their respective courses, and to progress to Advanced level certificates and diplomas.

Participants undertaking the logistics and transport course can progress on to higher studies, up to Post-Graduate level.

“Because Seychelles has such a small population, and we do not have critical mass, these are not qualifications that we can offer every year. If we offer a cohort this year, very likely, next year, we will not get another cohort. We want to offer high-level qualifications to empower ourselves with skills, knowledge and know-how so we become better at what we do, our trade and professional lives. And if we can do that, the country’s productivity will increase,” Mrs Mohideen noted, congratulating the first cohort.

Participants will be commencing with the CIPS which aims to promote and develop high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among all those engaged in purchasing and supply chain management.

The CIPS is a United Kingdom-based global professional body working for the purchasing and supply professions whose objective is to be the “leading excellence in procurement and supply”.

As explained by head of programme Winsley Kayatta, TGMI will be offering both the Level 2 and Level 3 CIPS courses related to procurement and supply operations, targeted at tactical and operational level staff, and on which the focus is on understanding the key facts, procedures, and processes relevant to procurement and supply chain management. By the end of the course, participants should be able to recognise and describe the key transactional processes of procurement and supply, while those undergoing the Advanced Diploma will have developed the confidence to problem solve, as well as gaining a clear understanding of how procurement and supply fits in with the rest of the organisation.

It must be noted that there is a similar course already on offer in Seychelles, namely, a Certificate in Public Procurement (CPP), but it targets mainly personnel from the public sector.

With regard to CILT, the course is designed to support professionals moving into, or who are already within supervisory or team leader roles but require training and development. The course is of benefit to those in middle management positions who seek to develop a more strategic view of logistics and transport operations. It will give them the capability to review and modify operational activities. Students will also gain an understanding of key areas from an international viewpoint.

As of February 2022, TGMI will be offering introductory level certificates. Mrs Mohideen clarified that the course is not limited to land transport, but is also relevant to other modes of transportation, including aviation and maritime, and to the needs of the number of organisations with fleets of vehicles.

Although launched officially, applicants who are interested in the courses are being invited to join at the soonest possible, before the start of classes. Interested persons may contact the institution for enrolment or for further information.


Laura Pillay

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