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Elections 2020

Electoral Commission of Seychelles registration statistics update (May –September 2021) |12 October 2021

1802 registered voters verified their names on the list

The Electoral Commission of Seychelles, which is the body that organises, oversees and regulates political elections in the country, has published its registration statistics update from May to September 2021, indicating that only 1802 registered voters verified their names on the register.

According to the commission, with the delay in verification exercise due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the statistics had to be compiled from May to September only.

According to the report, the number of verifications done by Short Message Service (SMS) is 448, while 1354 voters verified their names through the Electoral Commission of Seychelles (ECS) website.

In terms of new registrations, the ECS recorded six in total, with all being first-time voters, while a total of four transfers have been registered so far.

For correction transactions, a total of 16 were carried out, including change of names and dates of birth.

Currently headed by lawyer Danny Lucas, the ECS is also charged with the responsibilities of registering political parties in Seychelles.


Compiled by Roland Duval


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