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Anse Etoile school spruces up its campus |23 September 2021

Anse Etoile school spruces up its campus

To coincide with the ‘Clean up the World’ campaign this year, the Anse Etoile primary school organised a cleaning and beautification activity on its campus.

The activity, which took place on September 10, aimed at building up the relationship between the school and its stakeholders which is derived from the school vision. The vision depicts that team spirit is strengthened whereby the school works in close collaboration with parents, the community and other stakeholders.

Another aim of the activity was to help in the transformation of the school in the sense that it becomes more environment friendly, attractive and most importantly conducive to learning.

There was active involvement from the district authorities notably the MNA, Honourable Georges Romain, district administrator Marie Anne Florentine and other participants from the district administration, participants from SNYC and Care, the school council chairperson Ian Charlette, PTA representatives and other parents, staff members and students.

Activities varied from planting of flowers in front of the various classrooms and offices, mural paintings, planting of fruit trees around the school compound, cleaning of classrooms, reorganising the nursery, painting of walls and railings as well as putting up fencing around designated areas.

The students and members of staff wish to thank everyone who have contributed generously towards the school activity. Donations were in the form of potted plants, flowering plants, shrubs, seedlings, fruit trees, soil, manure, pots, paint and gardening tools.

It was a well organised and successful activity.

There were suggestions from parents and the other parties present to maintain such activity and to organise it on a more regular basis.

The accompanying photographs show some highlights of the activity.


Contributed by Jacqueline Celestine

Head teacher Anse Etoile school

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