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Seychelles Tourism Academy |10 September 2021

Seychelles Tourism Academy

Darryl Hibonne takes home President’s Cup as 200 graduate


Two hundred students yesterday graduated from the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) for the year 2021.

Darryl Hibonne, who graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Restaurant and Bar, took home the President’s Cup in the first virtual graduation organised by STA.

Jill Euphrasie and Savio Didon won the Director’s Award and they both graduated with a certificate in Restaurant and Bar and a certificate in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts.

Three students were awarded the Minister’s Award: Elsa Azemia – Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management; Jessica Freminot – Advanced Certificate in Restaurant and Bar and Jessica Raoul - Certificate in Accommodation Operations and Services.

The other awardees are:

Advanced Certificate Programmes - Cohort 2019

Tourism & Tour Guiding: Best Academic – Annie Gendron; Best Practical – Marie-Laurette Laporte; Best Effort – Chloé Vidot and Best Overall – Annie Gendron.

Reception Operations & Services: Best Academic – Rebia Pensée; Best Practical – Ruby Clya; Best Effort – Hillary Denousse and Best Overall – Rebia Pensée.

Wellness & Spa: Best Academic – Michella Marcel: Best Practical – Shanika Dick; Best Effort – Stephie Antoine and Best Overall – Christine Mothée.

Restaurant & Bar: Best Academic – Jessica Freminot; Best Practical – Julia Rachel; Best Effort – Petra Charlot and Best Overall – Jessica Freminot.

Food Preparation & Culinary Arts: Best Academic – Micaella Dogley; Best Practical – Jinny Dorby; Best Effort – Esther Thelemaque and Best Overall – Jinny Dorby.

Certificate Programmes - Cohort 2020

Restaurant & Bar: Best Academic – Nisa François; Best Practical – Maryline King; Best Effort – Dashera Cecile and Best Overall – Andria Khaidoo.

Food Preparation & Culinary Arts: Best Academic – Hannah Lesperance; Best Practical – Ronnel Etienne; Best Effort – Stephen Freminot and Best Overall – Hannah Lesperance.

Accommodation Operations & Services: Best Academic – Samia Dugasse; Best Practical – Jessica Raoul; Best Effort – Martina Gabriel and Best Overall – Jessica Raoul.

Reception Operations & Services: Best Academy – Gabrielle Barbe; Best Practical – Andrea Larue; Best Effort – Elza Comme and Best Overall – Andrea Larue.

Graduation 2021

Best Food & Beverage – Elza Azemia; Best Rooms Division Management –Emmelyne Porice; Best Industry Placement – May-Ruth Fanny; Best Business Studies – Valentina Marie.

The director of STA, Terrence Max, congratulated all the new graduates and noted that their success is qualified as ‘extra special’ as when they enrolled at STA in 2018, they never expected to be hit by a pandemic.

“Since the past year, you had to endure the arduous tasks of attending to your training and learning while still trying to circumnavigate around all the Covid-19 scare and restrictions. I know that this has not been easy. You had to constantly adapt to changes and revision to your academic calendar and while for many of you, especially the management learner, you had to postpone your Work-Based Experience in the height of the outbreak because of the closing down of our tourism establishment. You had to shift and quickly adapt to virtual classroom delivery, while having to readjust and continue with your personal life as normal as possible.”

Mr Max pointed out that despite all those challenges and having to come to terms with them, the students persevered.

“You remained committed, focused and your patience has brought you where you are today! And you, together with your parents, your lecturers, your mentors and all those who supported you have every reason to celebrate on your success. You couldn’t have been more resilient that this.”

He remarked that there will be more challenges in their lives as they strive to claim their position and establish themselves into the world of work.

“My advice to you is never give up on your quest towards realising your dream,” said Mr Max.

For the staff of STA, he had these words: “I can only have words of praise for all of you for you continued to push for what you believe in, you overcame many obstacles even when the challenges seemed unsurmountable. You are making a difference in the lives of many young citizens shaping them for the future. Keep doing what you do best. It is a fact that visitors arriving on our shores are increasingly exigent in their requests, hence impacting on the service delivery of the hospitality industry. Good service is no longer good enough in an increasingly competitive business environment.”

He concluded his speech by reiterating that STA has a forward-looking management team with a mission aimed towards EXCELLENCE…. in its diverse training and services it offers and in the quality of local talents that it produces. “As well as technical skills, the STA is driven to inculcate into its learners positive attitudes towards customer service and a passion for hospitality. Passion for and pride in hospitality and tourism infuses everything we do at this academy,” the director said.

Dr Philip Smyth, the director of the Shannon College of Hotel Management also addressed the students and spoke along the same line as the director of STA. He noted that some courses were delivered online and he could see the resilience in the students and he wished them (in Creole) the very best.

During the event, a video was screened in memory of the late Richard Agrippine – a student at STA who was following an Advanced Certificate in Tourism & Tour Guiding.

The event was attended virtually by President Wavel Ramkalawan; Vice-President Ahmed Afif; the Minister for Tourism and Foreign Affairs, Sylvestre Radegonde; the Minister for Education, Justin Valentin; the Speaker of the National Assembly, Roger Mancienne; the leader of government business in the National Assembly, Bernard Georges; the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Sebastien Pillay; high officials from the Ministry of Education and the graduates with their families and friends.


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