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General school calendar 2021 |26 August 2021

Term three divided into two halves


The Ministry of Education has come out with a new amended general calendar for state primary and secondary schools.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and unexpected school closures earlier this year, third and last term of this year has been divided into two parts.

Both the first and second halves of term three hold nine weeks of schooling, wherein students will attend schools every other week, depending on their level and school.

The first part of term three spans from Monday July 19 ‒ when schools resumed after the Covid-19 surge – to Friday September 17.

A two-week break from Saturday September 18 to Sunday October 3 separates term three.

Term three, part two will kick off on Monday October 4 and the term ends on Friday December 3 when students will have a six-week vacation until the start of the 2022 school year on Monday January 17.

Internal examinations have been scheduled for November 29 to December 3.

Provisionally, the Primary Six national exams are expected to be held from November 8 to December 3, the S3 key stage assessments between November 17 and December 3 and S5 national exams are to be seated from September 28 to November 17.

Meanwhile, the IGCSE and DELF exams have been earmarked from September 27 to November 15.


Elsie Pointe




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