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Run for a Good Cause Project |25 August 2021

Run for a Good Cause Project

Melanie ending his last race on Praslin

Joel Melanie gears up for the final phase of project


Sunday August 29 will be the last challenge for enthusiastic runner and fundraiser Joel Melanie in his ‘Run for a good cause’ project which has seen him running on the three main islands, with the aim of raising funds for financially-struggling associations.

Launched in 2019, the project was divided into three phases, with the two runs taking place in the first two phases, while three runs were planned for the last phase, all with the aim of helping the various associations towards infrastructure development or other facilities to provide long-term support for Seychellois families and children.

The first race in the last phase took place on La Digue and was nicknamed ‘Anmenn Mwan La Digue’, after the host island, while the second challenge – ‘Retourn Praslin’ – took place on Praslin.

Speaking to Sports NATION, Mr Melanie described his experience as “fantastic” and he feels he is getting better at it since he keeps improving his finishing time at each race.

In his most recent challenge on Praslin, he completed the 21km run, or half-marathon in 2 hours, 27 minutes 50 seconds (2h27:50).

Presently in full preparation for Sunday’s event, Mr Melanie said, once again, he is receiving the support through virtual guidance and training from ex-long distance runner, Diguois Terry Payet who has been a faithful mentor and partner during the project.

Mr Melanie said he is 90 percent ready, while the remaining 10 percent is room for improvement.

As part of his preparation he has also taken part in virtual runs featured on the Strava App.

Sunday’s challenge will begin at Stad Popiler and will finish at the Anse Royale community centre.

The various organisations which will benefit from the third phase of the project are the Unique Foundation, the Seychelles Stroke Foundation, the Seychelles Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the National Association for the Disabled.

Mr Melanie said compared to previous phases of the project where he personally collected the fund, this time the beneficiaries have been authorised by him through a certified document to collect the funding.

Upon completing the challenge on Sunday, Mr Melanie will unveil his new charity project for 2022 which will target the youth.

He explained that being a native of the Anse Royale district, his new project will begin with the youth of the district.

Mr Melanie also noted that the vulnerability and downfall of the youth is the concern of everyone, and not only the government through various agencies.

He explained that it should be the moral duty of everyone who can, in one way or another, to contribute, even through the simplest of gestures, towards helping the youth and try to divert them away from bad influences and social ills.

He has thanked all those who have been contributing continuously towards the cause and is also encouraging more people to join in making a difference in the life of vulnerable members of our society.


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