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Wind and speed for purpose |24 August 2021

Wind and speed for purpose

Windsurfer Bertrand De Charmoy Lablache will dedicate his Mahé-Praslin windsurfing race to raise funds for the ISEE

Bertrand De Charmoy Lablache dedicates Mahé-Praslin windsurfing race for noble causes


Impact Sports Education Entertainment, an organisation with the primary objective of spreading positivity across all platforms and levels, has decided to partner with Bertrand De Charmoy Lablache, an exceptionally acclaimed professional windsurfer, who will be dedicating his Mahé-Praslin windsurfing race to help the association raise funds.

The funds collected will be used to buy:

  • Special bed(s) for terminally ill patients spending their last days at home, and
  • Water sports equipment.

Patients who are terminally ill need maximum comfort during their last days, especially those who are at home with loved ones.

“We often hear people in need for specialised beds especially those who are losing their battle to illnesses like cancer, and these beds are not always readily available,” said Impact Sports Education Entertainment (ISEE) founder Stephanie Duval.

ISEE intends to present the bed(s) to relevant authorities who will be in a better position to assist patients who are in need.

As for the water sports equipment, the ISEE would like to assist with the development of the sport in Seychelles.

The event will take place on Saturday September 18, 2021 and will be a 42km crossing between the country’s two main islands ‒ Mahé and Praslin. The Mahé-Praslin crossing on a windsurfing board is considered one of the most extreme sports competitions on our country’s sports calendar.

Last year, De Charmoy Lablache claimed top spot with a time of 57 minutes 59.79 seconds (57:59.79) missing out on improving the longstanding record of 57 minutes 51.62 seconds set by Stephan Stravens in October 2002.

The event is being organised in collaboration with the Seychelles Yachting Association, the organiser of the Mahé-Praslin crossing.

ISEE is an organisation founded by Stephanie Duval, Sheryl Youpa, Amanda Rose and Alison Hoareau.

Anyone who would like to assist or donate towards the cause may do so by emailing the organisation at




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