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Tourism Seychelles’ ‘North America annual road show’ goes virtual |27 July 2021

Tourism Seychelles had to do things differently this year for its ‘North America annual road show’ due to Covid-19.

Following a two-year absence, the road show, which usually travels to four cities in the United States of America (USA), was conducted virtually on Friday June 25 and following its success, a second event will be held on Wednesday August 18, 2021.

Joining the rest of the world in adopting digital platforms to reach their partners, local tourism operators from Seychelles, including Mason’s Travel, Creole Travel Services, and airline partner Qatar Airways signed up as exhibitors for the virtual event held from 7pm to 9pm (Seychelles time) on June 25, when they were joined by 65 US travel professionals from various US cities for a productive day of meetings and exchanges.

Following a warm welcome from the Tourism Seychelles team, participants and exhibitors proceeded to conduct one-on-one meetings in which they exchanged information on the current market conditions, the safety protocols being implemented by local stakeholders in Seychelles as well as developments regarding new products within the destination.

The road show was being held for the first time since 2018 said the Tourism Seychelles regional director for Africa & the Americas, David Germain.

"In 2019 and 2020, we were not able to go ahead with the road show, but as the pandemic persists, we decided to conduct the event virtually to the satisfaction of all our trade partners and participants who took part," Mr Germain said.

Interest in Seychelles remains high in the United States despite the pandemic especially amongst travellers venturing far afield to African and Middle East countries on vacation and thereafter travelling to Seychelles as an extension to their holiday, Mr Germain confirmed. A total of 1,934 visitors from the United States have visited Seychelles so far this year up to July 18.

"Many US travellers are vaccinated against Covid-19, and we are now highlighting the world-class protocols Seychelles has in place to safely host visitors," Mr Germain said while reassuring travel partners that Seychelles remains the perfect destination where the safety of visitors is not compromised.

Normally travelling to four different North American cities since its inaugural edition in June 2018, the ‘Seychelles North America road show’ comprised a series of workshops which took in the US cities of Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale, Orange County and San Diego, California. Those US cities have in the past proven to be very productive for Seychelles, with many travel professionals converging to meet in person with the exhibitors and obtaining updated information about Seychelles’ products and services, Mr Germain said.

Despite Covid-19, Tourism Seychelles is continuing its mission to establish strong relationships with its travel trade partners in North America, and a second edition of this year’s virtual road show will be held on Wednesday August 18, 2021.


Press release from Tourism Seychelles

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