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Penlac helps brighten learning environment of La Retraite school with paint donation |23 July 2021

Penlac helps brighten learning environment of La Retraite school with paint donation

Mrs Ernesta, head teacher of La Retraite primary school, receiving the donation of paint from Mr Gabriel

La Retraite primary school has received several litres of paint from Penlac to be used to brighten and liven up the school walls and motivate pupils to learn through a variety of learning initiatives and activities.

A representative of the Penlac family, Lynden Gabriel, recently handed over the consignment of paint to the head teacher of the school, Jina Ernesta.

Penlac, a leading provider of outstanding quality anddurability paint for bothinterior and exterior use, has given back to the community various consignments of paint in similar donations.

In line with its strategic plan, La Retraite primary school is working on ways to motivate pupils to learn through a variety of rewarding system. One initiative that the school came up with is a ‘Wall of Fame’ whereby pupils’ photos are displayed for their good performances, efforts and other good deeds that are helping them to improve their learning. The small project has already started at crèche level and the donation will help to speed up its completion at primary level.

The school would like to extend its sincerest thanks to Abdul Gafoor Yakub, chairman and managing director of Penlac and the Penlac family for the donation of paint.

“We acknowledge that businesses are having a hard time to make ends meet but the company, amidst the difficult situations, has not hesitated to stretch out a helping hand to our school community. Your assistance in this regard is truly appreciated. This donation will bring a considerable change in the lives of our students who are also struggling with their studies because of the challenges brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, but who are still willing to take all given opportunities to improve their performances,” said Mrs Ernesta.

“The contribution has given us a ray of hope towards our mission. The staff of La Retraite primary school once again would like to express their sincere gratitude towards Mr Yakub and the Penlac family,” she added.


Press release from Ministry of Education

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