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Independent School’s monetary contribution to boost medical supplies for health workers |23 July 2021

Independent School’s monetary contribution to boost medical supplies for health workers

Ms Hoareau hands over the cheque to Mrs Cecile in the presence of students and staff (Photo: Joena Meme)

 A sum of R20,000 handed over by the Independent School to the Health Care Agency yesterday will go towards expenses in critically needed medical supplies for health care workers.

Janine Hoareau, director of the Independent School’s primary, handed over the cheque worth R20,000 to Kathleen Cécile, the deputy chief executive of the Health Care Agency, in a short ceremony at the school’s Union Vale campus.

Accepting the cheque, Ms Cécile thanked the school for its generous donation and noted that the Ministry of Health greatly appreciatessuch a contribution as it will go towards improving the working condition of health care workers who are working tirelessly, putting theirs and their families’ life at risk to help the community.

For her part, Ms Hoareau, on behalf of the Independent School,expressed her gratitude towards health care workers who are working day and night to help the thousands of people who have contracted the coronavirus.

Following the presentation, Ms Hoareau told Seychelles NATIONthat the donation was an initiative of the school's staff who raised funds during the Euro Championship and Copa Americafootball competitions by encouraging students to pay aR10 fee to wear their favourite football jersey to school.

“Students were very eager to show off their favourite jerseyand did not hesitate to pay the fee. Parents, teachers and board members also contributed towards the fund and we were able to raise the money in only one day,” Ms Hoareau recounted.

The school’s contribution also forms part of its community outreach programme, Ms Hoareau remarked, noting that funds raised during its next activity will go towards the English River health centre workers.

Ms Cecile further noted that the money comes at an opportune time as the health department is always in need of funds and supplies and the funds given by the school will be used to buy essential items needed by nurses working in the vaccination centres and contact tracing stations.

“We have received many donations in the past two years that have benefited the ministry greatly especially the ventilators and patient monitors which are being put to use right now. We have also received over R78 million in the Covid-19 relief fund contributed by members of the public, businesses and Seychellois living abroad and since January we have used R65 million in additional supplies and for treatment centres on Praslin,” said Ms Cécile.

She further added that they are still in need of money and would welcome all contributions big or small anyone would like to make.


Christophe Zialor

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