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Youths and Seychelles NATION |28 June 2021

‘Youths should have more say in what goes in the news’


45 years ago Seychelles NATION was launched and in over four decades it has remained one of the top newspapers in the country. However times are changing and the future of Seychelles NATION now lies in the hands of the younger generation.

Here is what millennials and gen z had to say about the paper:


Isa Gamatis-Henriette (20 years old)


“Happy 45th Anniversary Seychelles NATION! As a youth who always tries to keep up with current affairs, Seychelles NATION has been such a contributor and a resource I can easily make reference to. I prefer to read my articles online but that doesn't devaluate printed copies which can easily be used for future reference. Seychelles NATION has recently brought in talented and young journalists which I have always admired and do hope it continues to give young professionals the chance to speak their minds. Looking ahead into the future, I do wish that Seychelles NATION can introduce a section in the newspaper whereby the opinions of youths can be displayed, occasionally, on important events or decisions that are being made that take place in our small country.”


Sylvie Ah-Time (40 years old)



“I wish Seychelles NATION would be slightly bolder in tackling some pertinent issues. Sadly, I think a lot of people still think that Seychelles NATION should not or cannot challenge some policies or issues because of its past public funding.”


Raina Nicette (25 years old)


“The newspaper needs more colours and has to venture online more. It needs more stories and pages that attract the youths. It needs to stop censoring issues that other newspapers do not, for instance the news on Air Seychelles was addressed in Seychelles NATION a day after TODAY did a headline. Also it is high time for youths to start saying what to write. I speak from my experience working there.”




“Seychelles NATION does not cater to the younger generation. I believe that in order for the Seychelles NATION to continue moving forward it has to start catering to its younger readers because a lot of young people do read the news and keep up with national affairs.


Ellie Barreau (22 years old)



“I like how Seychelles NATION stays impartial and covers the basic news. By that I mean you do not go after sensational news; it keeps things light and fresh.

“What I wish for is that the normal day to day copies be coloured like the ones for Saturdays. I prefer reading the newspaper when it's colourful.”


Djeah Malvina (22 years old)


“I’m studying in Malaysia so I don’t really get the chance to read Seychelles NATION. But from the articles that some journalists have been writing such as Abortions and LGBT rights, I’d say it’s for the open minded and forward thinking readers. Which is important in my opinion.”


Alexendra Gerry (22 years old)

“I don’t really read the paper. However I’ve seen the website and I find it to be informative.”



“I do wish more focus would be placed on the football section especially now with the European Cup and Copa America underway. Also some subsections in the website seem outdated.”






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