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‘Tale of two lawyers’ premiere launch |28 June 2021

‘Tale of two lawyers’ premiere launch

June 29 is a date engraved on the minds and memories of many. For those lucky enough to have witnessed the historical milestone 45 years ago, sentiments run deep.

With the raising of the flag marking the First Republic, Seychelles was freed from the hands of colonial masters, a clean slate to exercise self-government, and sovereignty over its territory. Independence from Britain saw lawyers, President James Mancham and Prime Minister Albert Rene at the helm, alert and eager to move forward and steer away from any debris and danger along the course.

The novelty and ecstasy of the new era was however short-lived. The events of June 5, 1977 would rock the island nation, taking the fragile newborn nation through a baptism of fire and treacherous seas for years to come.

‘Tale of Two Lawyers’, a preview of forthcoming attractions, captures and unravels the story (and history!) of Seychelles, with special focus on two lawyers, both with drastically different cases to argue.

To watch the premiere on June 29 at 1pm, log on to Facebook and join the ‘Au Fon Lanmal’ group with Claude Bonte de Beau Vallon and Eleonore Scharfenberg as your hosts for this exciting launch.

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