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Sega Moutya Sesel out on June 25 |21 June 2021

Sega Moutya Sesel out on June 25

A new album entitled Sega Moutya Sesel is set to hit the market on Friday this week.

The new album is a close collaboration between Joseph Sinon and Clive Camille and contains 13 tracks with one bonus item. It also features other local singers such as Jean Marc Volcy featuring Lauren, Elijah to name but a few.

Launching an album during a pandemic does require courage and determination. Both veteran artist Joseph Sinon and Clive Camille went ahead with their project as they believe in creativity, local music and collaboration.

“The album SMS is an inspiration that I received after ‘Lafwa’ – the song we both sang, Clive and me on the album Konba Round 20. Immediately, I called Clive and Elijah to discuss the project as we have been collaborating a lot lately. Both artists acknowledged it was a good project and we started working on it immediately,” Joseph Sinon shared.

Clive noted that SMS is a compilation in which they came up with some original local songs. “Lafwa was our first collaboration but before that I used to do back up voices for Joseph Sinon in live concerts. Joseph decided to explore this collaboration further and see how to promote Creole/Seychellois music. Every time we are in the studio, I really appreciate the efforts of the producer Ruben who completely understands our vision. Dany is also our lead guitarist and he has been a great asset to make the album what it is. We are spending our last week in the studio to finalise the album and the more I listen, the more I listen, the more I listen, the more my heart is growing...

Taniah is among many local artists who will feature on the remake of Celia sung originally by Daniel Delord.

Joseph Sinon jokingly said “mon pa pou tir larzan dan labous Seselwa pour aste sa albonm. But if you are patriotic and if you appreciate the work we have done on this album which is 90% sponsored by Clive and myself, you will contribute towards this project. Buy original and promote local artists by buying a CD at only R150 or a pen-drive at R250.”


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