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Mahe Shipping sets the record straight |10 June 2021

Recently many unsatisfied customers receiving their parcels from Mahé Shipping took to social media to complain about the exorbitant prices the shipping company was charging them.

The main source of complaint comes from customers who are ordering items from the popular shopping website SHEIN. One customer said Mahé Shipping was charging them for delivering their packages as well as a clearance fee when their packages arrive at the airport.

Joe Morin, the chief executive of Mahé Shipping, said the claims that customers are being overcharged and are forced to pay delivery fees are completely false. He clarified that Mahé Shipping is not adding any extra costs to customers’ parcels nor is it charging delivery fees.

He clarified that when the total amount of an order exceeds R3000, the customer will automatically have to pay the 15% levy at Customs.

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) also added to what Mr Morin said and noted that everything is running smoothly at the Customs office and that they are   not charging any extra fee.

The reason that DHL is no longer delivering packages is because some online stores like SHEIN are now shipping their orders through ARAMEX which is a Dubai-based shipping company.


Christophe Zialor



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