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Students, teachers and parents now more aware of their responsibilities |02 June 2021

Students, teachers and parents now more aware of their responsibilities

The signing of the contract (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

In honour of Children's Day yesteday, the Ministry of Education launched its official Terms and Condition contractual obligation which outlines the roles and responsibilities of parents, students, teachers and school managements, and holds them each accountable.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Education, Justin Valentin; the Minister for Youth, Sports and Family, Marie-Celine Zialor; and representatives and partners of the Ministry of Education as well as students, teachers and parents.

The launch was broadcasted through zoom throughout all state schools so other head teachers, teachers and students could attend.

“This is a symbolic occasion as it rallies all partners who will work together for the betterment of education,” said Shirley Hoareau, head teacher of Port Glaud primary.

She also expressed the importance of the partnership between students, teachers and school.                  

Ms Hoareau added that for students to attain their goal it is imperative that teachers and parents work together.

“As head teacher I will work to make sure that the obligations are implemented thoroughly,” she said.

On his part Minister Valentin said the contract concerns everyone including those who govern the school.

“At a time where we are asking parents to work in collaboration with us, asking students to show more interest towards their education and asking teachers to put emphasis on the development of their students, this contract will complement all of this,” the minister said.

“I hope that the implementation of these regulations make all parties involved more aware of their roles and responsibilities vis a vis education and the future of our children,” he added.

He also encouraged students to take their studies seriously and not let themselves get distracted.

Following his speech the contract was signed by a student, a parent, a teacher, school council and a representative from the Ministry of Education, after which it was presented to the minister.

Dr Odile de Commarmond, principal secretary in the department of Education Services, said that the contract has been simplified in a way that all parties involved will understand what is asked of them.

It was felt that these obligations would help to clarify responsibilities of each of the parties, parents, teachers, students and school leadership will be accountable for their actions,” said the PS.

She added that parents and teachers are aware of what is in the agreement as sensitisation sessions were organised in all school districts.

The launch of the contract was planned for 2020 but with the pandemic it had to be postponed.


Christophe Zialor

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