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Kenwyn House hosts first exhibition for 2021 for local artists |25 May 2021

Kenwyn House hosts first exhibition for 2021 for local artists

Kenwyn House is hosting its first exhibition for this year for local artists.

The exhibition was officially launched last Friday, May 21, to coincide with the World Culture Day.

The exhibition under the theme ‘Creole’ will run for three months.

The featuring artists in the exhibition are Jonny Volcère, Michel Denousse, Ryan Chetty, Rinno Joubert and Jonathan Azemia.

Apart from Denousse, who is participating in the exhibition for the first time, the four other artists have participated in past exhibitions organised by Kenwyn House.

All the works on display are new and are on sale.

All of the works are based on our creole culture among which some have ceased to exist.

Artist Azemia is participating with 11 figurative paintings while photographers Volcère (five photos) and Denousse (nine photos), using models, are showcasing photographs depicting the traditional way of the creole life.

As for Chetty, he has created five monochrome paintings, mostly in dark tones, of his self-portrait as a native creole in different facades and Joubert has featured eight abstract paintings including a physical guitar which has been painted with abstract drawings.

“If we lose track, the future young generation will never get to know some of our cultural heritage. This is the only reason I and other artists are recording some of them through our work,” Azemia said.

While they acknowledge that the Covid-19 has affected their livelihood in terms of lack of touristic and cultural activities for financial gains, some among them said they took the pandemic in a positive way through thinking outside the box to market themselves and their works in other ways, especially on the media platform, while also focusing on other working methods to earn a living.

Shama Amesbury, public relations and communications manager for Gran Kaz, said that with the restrictions and shut downs, Kenwyn House hasn’t had a chance to hold an exhibition before this one.

“This current situation with Covid hasn’t been easy on anyone, and I do not believe the artists have been spared either – if anything it’s probably even harder for them. This is where I think the concept of the Kenwyn House Gallery is beneficial to them,” Ms Amesbury added.

Ms Amesbury noted that as Kenwyn House is a non-commercial and non-profit gallery, it costs nothing for the artists to display their work in the gallery.

“We do not charge entry to visitors, and we do not take any commission. All sales are done by the artists, which means, all earnings go directly to them. We wanted them to showcase what they feel creole culture is about through their paintings and photographs,” she added.

Clients are free to walk in during day time to view the exhibition at Kenwyn but will have to follow set guidelines with regard to measures put in place by the health department against the spread of Covid-19.

The accompanying photographs contributed by the artists themselves show some samples of their work.


Patrick Joubert

Photos contributed by the artists

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