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Back to online schooling! |17 May 2021

Back to online schooling!

After the Easter holidays, some schools were supposed to resume last week but due to the new restrictions, both private and public schools remain closed. The good news is that the schools, mainly the private ones, rolled back their online courses so that the children would still continue with their education.

The director of the Independent School (Seychelles), Andy Esparon, noted: “We were ready for the start of the new term on May 10 and we had already tightened our health measures at the school. But as soon as we knew all schools were closed, our team moved to online classes via google classroom. The teachers are addressing specific concerns and specifications with the students and from Primary 4 to A level, there are daily classes. For primary 1 to primary 3 the teachers are using the FEDENA program and fortunately as they started school this year, the students were able to get their workbooks from school and now the follow up is easier. For kindergarten age, the teachers are sharing mostly videos so that the children can view them at their own time with the parents.”

Mr Esparon also noted that the head teachers from the private schools met last week to see how the students having exams can return to classes, abiding by all health protocols. “It becomes very hard for these students and they feel quite stressed. We are starting a discussion with the Ministry of Education to see how this can be done and allowing the students to prepare themselves for their exams not only in private schools but for government schools too.”

Ecole Française des Seychelles (EFS) was supposed to resume on May 17 and following the announcements made by the government on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, the French school closed its doors from Monday May 17 to Monday May 24 (except for new instructions from the government) and is switching to distance education (courses on line). Teaching will continue via Padlet, ZOOM for kindergarten and elementary students and Pronote for secondary only. All secondary students (6ème to Terminale) will have video conferences corresponding to their current schedule.

EFS is opening its doors for parents to come pick up the workbooks and books for their children to continue their classes at home.

International School of Seychelles also resumed online classes since the restrictions.

The Ministry of Education has still not decided on the online courses for the state schools yet, but teachers are in touch with their students. Some schools are sending homework via Whatsapp.

If schools are not allowed to open on May 24, all private schools will continue with their online classes assuring that learning continues in a different setting!


Vidya Gappy

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