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Seychellois takes on responsibility for gender and youth development on African continent |07 May 2021

Seychellois takes on responsibility for gender and youth development on African continent

Mrs Moustache-Belle

Jacqueline Moustache-Belle, former chief of presidential protocol in former President Danny Faure’s administration, has recently been appointed the director of the gender and youth department of the United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) Africa.

Besides working as the chief of presidential protocol, Mrs Moustache-Belle had also occupied the post of Mayor of Victoria.

Seychelles NATION recently had a chat with her about her new role.


Seychelles NATION: Can you please tell our readers about your new post and what it entails?

Mrs Moustache-Belle: My new post will involve working for the development of gender and youth on the continent of Africa by liaising with cities that are members of UCLG Africa, and helping the organisation in the running of its three main campaigns – African cities with no street children, empowering women in economic development and African cities with zero tolerance for violence. Another one of my major roles is to be the bridge between the various cities and my organisation, to ensure maximum communication and cooperation while addressing and tackling issues.


Seychelles NATION: How will Seychelles benefit from your new post?

Mrs Moustache-Belle: I will start by stating that when you work for an international organisation such as UCLG you have no nationality. As an officer of that organisation you need to overcome any possible barriers to eliminate the possibility of there being any bias in our work. However, if there is ever a need to address an issue which I feel that Seychelles is not adequately or effectively addressing, I will most definitely urge that it is attended to. The other benefit would be exposure; wherever I go I am always proud to promote Seychelles. You will be amazed at how many people have yet to hear about Seychelles.


Seychelles NATION: Will you be based here in Seychelles or abroad?

Mrs Moustache-Belle: I will be based in the capital of Morocco, Rabat, where the main headquarters of UCLG Africa is located.


Seychelles NATION: Most of our readers know you as Mayor or chief protocol officer. Tell us a bit about your professional journey.

Mrs Moustache-Belle: I started off my career in the media, with Radio Seychelles, as a journalist, until the introduction of television in Seychelles when I got to work with television as well. I then went to Protocol in Foreign Affairs for a while and back to SBC after which I became Mayor. Most recently I was working as a protocol officer in the office of President Faure. It is when I was Mayor that I got involved with international organisations such as UCLG Africa, since Seychelles was already a member, courtesy of Florence Benstrong, the first Mayor of Victoria. I would like to say thank you to all the Mayors I have encountered internationally in my four-year journey as Mayor, because they were brilliant guides who were catalytic in my understanding of various angles of politics, offering me what I now consider a tower of knowledge.


Seychelles NATION: How have your previous ventures prepared you for your new task?

Mrs Moustache-Belle: All of my past professional experiences have been of immense help in my preparation, each instilling within me qualities my new post, working with gender and youth, requires. Journalism equipped me with the skills needed to handle almost any subject. A good journalist is able to adapt to and address an unlimited range of topics he/she faces on a daily basis. Working with foreign affairs extended these skills; I developed the ability to interact on a weekly basis with different people, countries and cultures… As Mayor I got to understand more international issues, the challenges and strong points of different cities. My last boss, President Faure, was my mentor in guiding me on a horizon of issues, giving me a deeper understanding of politics and leadership. All of these enriching experiences have given me the baggage for the challenge ahead.


Mrs Moustache-Belle wishes to express her gratitude to all those who have helped her throughout her journey.

“A sincere thanks to Ibrahim Afif, who I consider a guru in media. He was truly instrumental in the achievements I made in my career as a journalist and to Danny Faure, working with him broadened my knowledge and perspective and I am immensely grateful,” she concluded.

Seychelles NATION wishes Mrs Moustache-Belle all the best in her new post and future endeavours.


Iza Amade






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