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Standing Committees of the SADC-PF hosts virtual statutory meetings |07 May 2021

The Standing Committees of the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF) held virtual statutory meetings from April 9 to 16, 2021.

Matters discussed during this week-long programme included orientation of new members, deliberation on thematic issues of regional concern, consultation and validation of the framework for developing regional reference documents on the role of parliaments in curbing corruption, strengthening accountability, and the

protection and promotion of human rights in Southern Africa.

The members of the SADC-PF), notably Hon. Rosie Bistoquet, Hon. Kelly Samynadin, Hon. Rocky Uranie and Hon. Richard Labrosse attended a Joint Session of SADC-PF Standing Committees and the Regional Women Parliamentary Caucus (RWPC) on Thursday April 15, 2021 along with the chairperson of the Women Parliamentary Caucus for Seychelles Parliament, Hon. Regina Esparon. During this meeting, the members deliberated on the urgency of continued investments in eradicating child marriage within the context of Covid-19 guided by the SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriages and protecting those already in marriage which was adopted by the SADC-PF back in 2016.

The Joint Sitting also considered the role of parliamentarians in advancing access to Covid-19 vaccines, medicines and diagnostics.

Other Standing Committee meetings were held as follows:

On Sunday April 11, 2021, the Standing Committee on Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment chaired by Hon. Anele Ndebele from Zimbabwe met to deliberate on enhancing regional economic integration through infrastructure development, focusing specifically on the case of one-stop border posts. Hon. Audrey Vidot sits on this Committee.

On Monday April 12, 2021, the Standing Committee on the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FARN), chaired by Hon. Andre Leon Tumba from DRC met to deliberate on the role of parliaments in harnessing domestic tourism in times of pandemics, focusing specifically on Covid-19. Hon. Rocky Uranie sits on

this Committee.

On Tuesday April 13, 2021, the Standing Committee on Democratisation, Governance and Human Rights, chaired by Hon. Jeronima Agostihno from Mozambique met to consider prospects and challenges on the role

of parliament in protecting Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in Southern Africa. Hon. Richard Labrosse sits on this Committee.

On Wednesday April 14, 2021, the Standing Committee on Gender Equality, Women Advancement and Gender Equality chaired by Hon. Peete Ramoqai met to deliberate on the burden of unpaid care and domestic work in Southern Africa within the context of gender inequality. Hon. Kelly Samynadin sits on this

On Friday April 16, 2021, the Standing Committee on Human and Social Development and Special Programmes chaired by Hon. Bertha Ndebele from Malawi met to deliberate on how the Committee can enhance its role in the fight against sexual and reproductive health and rights infringements and

HIV/Aids. Hon. Rosie Bistoquet sits on this Committee.


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