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Volunteers team up to clean the VTC at North East Point |19 April 2021

Volunteers team up to clean the VTC at North East Point

During the week-end, the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) with its partners undertook some voluntary work at its premises, North East Point.

This training centre did not get the go ahead from the health authorities to resume school.

The state of the building at the moment is not conducive for the students – some 30 in total. The classes are too small, there is no proper ventilation and no appropriate bathrooms for the students with disabilities.

Still some parents, members of Seychelles National Youth Council, participants of the President Award Scheme, Pension Fund, members of the World Airline Club Association (WACA), the newly appointed director-general for Elderly and Disabled persons, Rosa Morin, alongside the principal secretary for Family Affairs Marie-Josée Bonne – 75 in total – came to clean the classes and the outdoors.

They painted the building and did some landscaping in the hope that the VTC wil re-open soon.

“We came together at VTC in order to conduct the cleaning activity. Since the closing of the centre, it has not yet opened its doors and parents are quite concerned. We are hoping that the centre will open for the second term. Out of the 30 students, 14 of them are being able to follow some classes offered at the VTC whereas the others are being equipped with some basic skills,” explained Ms Morin.

When our team went there, we saw the young and the adults together cleaning the centre with joy.

We bring you some photos of the day taken by our photographer Joena Meme.


Vidya Gappy


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