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SPA terminates lease agreement with ‘Fish Tail’ restaurant over breach of contract |06 April 2021

The Ministry of Transport has announced that as of April 1, 2021, the Inter Island Quay Restaurant, better known as Fish Tail restaurant, no longer has a valid contract with the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA).

The lease agreement which was formally under the business name of 1842 Investment PTY LTD, has been terminated due to a number of breaches in the contract.

These breaches include:

  • Subleasing without permission – Subleasing the building to another person without any permission from SPA, and therefore parted with the premises
  • Unlawfully speculating with SPA property – Obtaining R100,000 monthly, over and above the original lease sum

It is to be noted that the current operator was being exploited by 1842 Investment, as they had to pay a rental of R100,000 to them, as well as cover the cost of the existing lease with SPA.

SPA will be negotiating on a proper agreement with the current operators, and in the near future the area will be developed into a passenger quay complex where the proper tender process will take place for future tenants.

In the meantime, the fight to eliminate ill practices and promote transparency continues, and the action taken is vital to support the vision for a corruption free Seychelles.


Press release from the Ministry of Transport


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