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Catholic Church starts Year of the Family with pastoral letter launch |20 March 2021

Catholic Church starts Year of the Family with pastoral letter launch

Bishop Alain Harel during the pastoral letter launch yesterday (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

By Christophe Zialor


The Catholic diocese has launched its annual pastoral letter, which this year focuses on the family with the theme ‘Ti lepa ti lepa’.

The launch took place at The Domus, the Catholic priests’ residence in Victoria.

“Dear brothers and sisters of Seychelles, In this Year of the Family, requested by Pope Francis, a year placed under the protection of Saint Joseph, I would like to write you a letter over several episodes. The theme that I am proposing is ‘Ti lepa ti lepa',” said Bishop Alain Harel.

This year's letter is a bit different from previous years’ as it is not exactly a letter. The Bishop explained that people tend to gloss over long speeches, so instead this year he has broken down the letter and will share it through video format on social media platforms – Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube – in the form of short parable episodes.

Each episode will be seven minutes long and will focus on a theme relating to the family.

The bishop explained that there will be 25 episodes in total that can be shared on SBC television and radio stations at their request.

“After every episode I will propose something to share and live as a family and, if possible between different families in our district or/and in your parish. Throughout the year, at regional and diocesan level, we will offer conferences, debates or other activities relating to the family. During Sunday masses and masses in the districts we will pray to give thanks to the Lord for our families, but we will also pray so that we can progress by taking baby steps (Ti lepa, ti lepa),” said the bishop.

He added that during this time the most crucial thing is to reach out to one another, first and foremost in our own family. Fraternity is another name for ‘Church’. No family is too inferior to not have anything to share, nor is any family too superior to not receive anything.

“I invite parishes, movements and services, artists, singers, theatre directors, painters and sculptors, dancers, writers to display their creativity to promote our families and inspire us to take ‘Ti lepa, ti lepa’”, he concluded.

During the ceremony the official song was launched as well as the first episode of the parable which focused on how the use of alcohol can affect the family.

Also during the ceremony the new diocesan communications committee led by Father Eric Leon was introduced.

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