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Semi-supercentenarian Alda Philo passes away |15 March 2021

Semi-supercentenarian Alda Philo has passed away.

The 105-year-old died late yesterday afternoon at her daughter’s place in Les Cannelles, Anse Royale.

Originally from Mont Plaisir, Anse Royale, Alda Philo was born on July 14, 1915 and was the oldest among nine brothers and sisters, who have all passed away. She had two daughters, …..17 grandchildren, and ……42 great grandchildren.

A devout catholic, Mrs Philo celebrated her 105th birthday on July 14, 2020 with a thanksgiving service at the St Joseph’s parish church Anse Royale conducted by Father Colin Underwood. And during the night, she was surrounded by close family members for a dinner.

In fact, this was the second time Mrs Philo celebrated her birthday during a pandemic, the first time was in 1918 during the Spanish flu pandemic.

When asked by our journalist Christophe Zialor on her 105th birthday if she wished to live longer, she answered: “It is the Lord who keeps us alive and we need to love our God. If I am to live some more years it is all up to Him. I do my very best to attend mass because we need to thank God but when I can’t the priest comes to my home.”

The day she became a centenarian in 2015, Mrs Philo described herself as being a simple and humble person throughout her life.

“I never had much and worked hard for the little I had. I use to do domestic work, anything that could get me an income. I enjoy working and until now I still want to do things on my own, I still do certain things but not much anymore. I help my daughters and grandchildren who have to go to work and school,” she said.

She added that she was never picky about food, especially during the times where many families could not afford basic necessities.

“I ate almost anything, fruits and vegetables like breadfruit and fish that were in abundance, and sometimes some meat. I ate what the Lord gave to me, and even though I didn’t have much, I would often share with others.”


Compiled by Gerard Govinden

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