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STA conducts induction for first-year students |11 March 2021

STA conducts induction for first-year students

Induction for the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) continues today for students taking courses in restaurant and bar, tourism and tour guiding and reception operations and services.

Brigitte Joubert, acting principal of STA, noted that since they have started induction they have done five groups of students all following different courses, including three more today.

Ms Joubert also noted that they have taken into account the economic cost of students and parents from La Digue and Praslin travelling to Mahé so STA will have a special induction for them on Praslin at the Baha'i Centre.

In total 285 students have been accepted into the academy. However, Ms Joubert stated that the number may change since S5 leavers are still appealing their options.

Ms Joubert added that even if things have slowed down for the time being in the tourism industry, many students are still interested in the courses on offer.

“We have got a big group of S5 leavers that are interested in the kitchen course as well as bar and restaurant,” she said.

While the school is not at full capacity since the second year students are not on campus, Ms Joubert said that the first year students will come to school as they need to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

“Since last year we have put in place many regulations to stop the spread of Covid such as shorter classes, social distancing and temperature checks,” said the acting principal.

The induction was also being done under Covid guidelines as social distancing was observed and it was conducted in two separate areas to give enough time to sanitize and clean before the next group came.

In her induction speech Ms Joubert stressed the importance of getting and training as many Seychellois as possible in the tourism industry and also asked for the cooperation of parents when it comes to their children’s studies.

The accompanying photos show groups of students during the induction process yesterday.


Christophe Zialor

Photos: Louis Toussaint


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