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Fisheries and Agriculture

Seven farmers’ associations get rotavators from SAA |01 March 2021

Seven farmers’ associations get rotavators from SAA

Seven farmers’ associations – four on Mahé and three on the inner islands of Preslin and La Digue – have received a rotavator each in a bid to modernise and boost agricultural production.

Seychelles as a small island developing state seeks ways to modernise and boost the agricultural sector especially during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure strong food value chains, affordable and nutritious food.

Farming has been a tradition which is well practiced among the population. Hence the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) works to identify various aspects to improve and support farmers who encounter difficulties accessing markets for their produce.

During a small ceremony on Friday February 19, the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Flavien Joubert, alongside principal secretary for Agriculture Antoine Marie Moustache and the chief executive of SAA Linetta Estico presented one rotavator to each chairman or representative of the four farmers’ associations on Mahé (Seychelles Farmers’ Association, Anse Boileau Farmers’ Association, Val D’Andorre Farmers’ Association and Local Food Producers Association). The ceremony was held in two groups; one at Grand Anse Mahé at the SAA Main Store and one at Anse Boileau Research Station.

Minister Joubert thanked SAA for facilitating the farmers’ access to this equipment which will help to promote and empower youths in the agricultural sector, especially those farmers who cannot afford them.

I encourage each of you to use this equipment with care and responsibility. Such an act should inspire more young farmers. To note the ministry will keep on identifying opportunities to encourage farmers including those who have completed their studies and are interested in starting their own business.”

In both ceremonies, the respective chairmen thanked the SAA and other representatives for this kind and generous gesture, highlighting that the equipment will accelerate the preparation of land.

They stressed on the importance of moving towards adoption of technology and use of farm mechanisation.

Ms Joubert declared that they imported 30 rotavators in total, and each association received one, while the remaining will be kept at the Main Store to be sold to farmers who wish to purchase. The prices are below R30,000.

The farmers’ associations on Praslin and La Digue received their rotavators in a separate ceremony on February 5, 2021. They are the Seychelles Farmers’ Association on Praslin, the Baie Ste Anne Praslin Association, and the La Digue Farmers’ Association.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the handover of the rotavators.



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