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Wedding trends born out of the pandemic: A forecast by Mr & Mrs Weddings and Events |26 February 2021

Wedding trends born out of the pandemic: A forecast by Mr & Mrs Weddings and Events

The way we continue to navigate life with an ongoing pandemic, naturally means that wedding trends must follow suit.

Lorraine Dalpez, founder and wedding planner of Mr & Mrs Weddings and Events, a locally based wedding and events planning service, has predicted small, intimate and cultural weddings, and even a growing number of elopements.    

Read on for her thoughts on what’s on the list of outgoing and upcoming trends for 2021 weddings.


Seychelles NATION: Can you remind us what Mr & Mrs Weddings & Events is all about? 

Lorraine Dalpez: Starting out in 2013 planning a few small weddings, we have now grown into full-service, wedding and event planning, designing and executing exceptional celebrations in Seychelles and abroad.

We love to help people enjoy their celebrations and make it an exceptional, unique experience. Our philosophy revolves around creating personalised packages to reflect your desires, conceiving imaginative designs and décor to add atmosphere to the events, and working closely with our clients to ensure that their wedding or event is all that they want it to be.

Over the years, we have built relationships with some of the best event caterers and suppliers locally and have worked in some of the most beautiful wedding locations and islands. We use these connections today to ensure that our clients have only the best for their special day.

From small intimate weddings, to large and lavish gatherings, our events are memorable, magical experiences that are perfectly planned and beautifully executed.


Seychelles NATION: Which wedding trends, in your opinion, will lose their popularity this year?

Lorraine Dalpez:

Big, traditional weddings

Given the new normal, it is very unfortunate that big traditional weddings are going to lose popularity in the course of the year, due to the many changes that the pandemic has brought about. Not only because of the fact that large gatherings are not allowed, but that the pandemic has made everyone more conscious of their budgets and savings, and how much they would be spending on a wedding. However I believe once the economic and health situation changes for the better, this trend will surely come back due to traditions and family commitments.

Floral trends

Despite the fact that every dream wedding involves a huge amount of beautiful flowers to make the celebration fairytale like, the floral trend is also losing its popularity as couples are financially conscious. The flower trend had now faded into the minimalist trend whereby couples are going for a more subtle and humble look to their wedding. This new trend consists of mostly greenery, with a few accents of decor materials that give extra colour and feels to the décor, such as pottery, faux grass and candles. This minimalist trend saves money and the couple can even keep their decor items.


Seychelles NATION: And this probably being the most exciting part for our readers, which wedding trends can we expect to see more of this year?

Lorraine Dalpez:

Small intimate weddings

Given the circumstances of the global effect of the pandemic, many couples have had to either postpone or cancel their previous wedding plans. This therefore had led couples to move into the small intimate wedding trend, whereby the couples join together with a small group of close friends and family to celebrate their special day. I must say small intimate weddings are one of my favourite types of weddings as the couple is less stressed and they are able to spend their hard-earned money on more memorable things for their wedding; it becomes more personal and they are able to bond with each person attending.

Photo credit: De Waal Rautenbach @seychellesphotographer


Cultural weddings

Due to the travel bans, couples are finding more alternatives in their own country, and therefore cultural weddings are now trending. The couples are looking for something special locally to make their wedding unique and memorable. For instance in Seychelles, there are couples who are going back to our roots and culture and incorporating traditional wedding rituals, music and dances.




Elopements have already started to become a big trend as couples are looking to escape a full year of confinement and an alternative to just getting the wedding ceremony over and done with, instead of waiting out the pandemic in order to have a big traditional wedding. We have seen many of these happen, even locally.


Seychelles NATION: What do these trends mean for Seychelles, renowned for being a romantic destination?

Photo credit: De Waal Rautenbach @seychellesphotographer


Lorraine Dalpez: The new wedding trends for this year work in the benefit of Seychelles as the perfect destination for the coming trends of elopement, small and intimate weddings. The best part is that guests cannot only come on honeymoon, but have a two in one experience to marry and enjoy their honeymoon in the Seychelles. I strongly believe that we should promote Seychelles not only as a honeymoon destination, but also as a wedding destination; after all without a wedding, there is no honeymoon!


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Photo sources: Lorraine Dalpez

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