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Fisheries and Agriculture

Unesco-sponsored programme |18 July 2019

Unesco-sponsored programme

PS Moustache

Young people learn more about climate-smart agriculture


Some twenty young people and farmers are attending a workshop on Climate- Smart Agriculture sponsored by Unesco.

The workshop, being held at the Ceps conference room, kicked off on Tuesday and will end tomorrow, Friday July 19.

The objectives of the workshop are mainly to develop sustainable climate-smart agriculture for communities on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue; reduce importation of food products; improve food and nutrition security and include women and young people in national development, especially in priority sectors.

Students from the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture and women farmers are among the participants.

Addressing the participants at the launch of the training session, the principal secretary for agriculture, Antoine-Marie Moustache noted that “climate change is a real thing. It is happening even though some people are distracting us from the reality. We all can do something to contribute to reduce the impact on climate change regardless whether you are an individual or an institution. We also have to change our perspective regarding leaves in our courtyard. Leaves are not rubbish! Stop burning them. It is also hard to make people understand that we all have to plant something where we are leaving and help reduce food importation. With this training we hope the younger generation bring the change in our mindset.”

Benjamin Vel, one of the facilitators of the workshop, added that “with all the changes in our climate, our green gas has been affected. In Seychelles we can see there is a change in temperature, coastal erosion and other sectors. There are different facilitators today to show the students and the farmers how to continue farming even though the challenges”.

These types of workshops have been organised before but this one is being done mainly for people in the community. “Unfortunately there is a group of people who still think that climate change is a joke and this creates more concern. In Seychelles we are witnessing these changes and we need to prepare our people to face the challenges ahead and help them adapt to the situation. All farmers need to adapt to these changes for a sustainable Seychelles,” added Mr Vel.

During the workshop the participants will learn about: What is climate change? by Benjamin Vel; Why climate-smart agriculture? by Antoine Moustache; Agroforestry by Monette Nourrice; Shade house technologies by Xavier Estico; Soil Management and Pest Management by Keven Nancy; Water management by Dr Nelson Charles; Use of Bichar by Joachim Dupres; Seaweed and ICT & innovation in agriculture by Bernard Port Louis and livestock by Gerard Monthy.

Today, the participants will also visit the Perseverance primary school, the Anse Boileau research station and the Grand Anse soil laboratory.

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