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Police call for respect for law enforcement agencies |26 January 2021

The police have reported that they have as of Saturday January 23 set up roadblocks and spot checks and have already started to arrest and process members of the public who are not abiding by and respecting newly announced public health regulations, especially the 8pm to 4am curfew.

More emphasis are also being put on other offences like gathering of people, unlawful assembly, visiting of family members outside one’s immediate household, any form of beach activities and other regulations recently imposed in order to contain Covid-19 community transmission.

In the meantime departments and organisations rendering essential services are being asked to make available original documents relating to information on authorised movements of their workers to the police by emailing its Joint Operation Centre on from 8am to 4:30pm and on a 24-hour basis. Documents sent to the police for authorising essential workers’ movements must stipulate date/s, time of and specific displacement of employee/s. The authorisation letter must bear the organisation’s or department’s letterhead as well as employers’ contact number.

Members the public are being reminded that since the introduction of public health regulations several people have been convicted before Seychelles courts with some fined as much as R10,000.

Having observed that many people are requesting for Police Character Certificates, the police are informing the general public that as from Wednesday January 27 they will start processing those documents by appointment. Those requesting such service have to call Police reception headquarters on 4288062 from 8am until 4pm for processing and collection. Cell visits for detainees however remain restricted to clients’ lawyers only.

The police are looking forward to even more cooperation from the population while enforcing the regulations and laws of Seychelles so that life can get back to normal the soonest possible.


Police communique



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