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Children learn the basics of disc jockeying |21 December 2020

Children learn the basics of disc jockeying

The brand new DJ association created by Loura Bara, programme officer of the local government, has started an educational workshop, teaching local children about what it means to be a disc jockey (DJ), sound manipulation and how to make a career from deejaying.

The day-long workshop, held on Friday last week at the Roche Caiman community centre, was funded by Ms Barra, her DJ boyfriend and his DJ friends.

“We wanted to teach the kids about the art of disc jockeying and the perks that come out of knowing how to deejay. We wanted to bring awareness to the career and give the children the knowledge and skills to gracefully recreate, mix, remix and distribute songs as a professional DJ would, and we believe that this workshop can really help the kids awaken their dreams and ambitions. We will strive to help them pursue these dreams in any way we can,” said Ms Barra.

Clifford Labiche, also known as ‘DJ Laylow’, said that he aims to “educate the children about how vast and diverse the world of a DJ really is. The work of a DJ is very important, for a wide variety of events. Whether it being parties, weddings, nightclubs or even radio shows.”

The workshop itself brought together young children aged from 11-14 years.

Four DJs helped instruct the children on the inside outs of the DJ world, namely Clifford Labiche (DJ Laylow), Alex Barra (DJ Lex), Lenny Farabeau (DJ Lenny) and Darise Labiche (DJ Kastor).

During the workshop the children had the pleasure to witness live performances from the four DJs, learn about the different equipment used by DJs, had live demonstrations of how the said equipment work, participated in playing songs themselves, and heard talks about how to pursue a DJ based career.

The accompanying photographs show some highlights of the workshop.


Joshua Marie

Photos: Anel Robert

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