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Andy Esparon appointed director designate of Independent School |11 December 2020

Andy Esparon appointed director designate of Independent School

Mr Esparon

Andy Esparon has been approved by the board of directors as the director designate of Independent School following the recommendations of the selection panel. His appointment takes effect on December 15, 2020.

The panel consisted of the chairpersons of the board of directors and governors and the interim school director.

Mr Esparon will work alongside director Zotique Pragassen until such time, not exceeding two terms, that the board of directors feels he is ready to take over as director.

Mr Esparon is a qualified teacher holding B.Sc (Hons) in Biology from the University of Wales followed by a PGCE Certificate from the University of Cambridge. Upon his return to Seychelles in June 200l, he taught briefly at the English River secondary school and the following year at Independent School before returning to Wales, UK in 2003 where he continued to pursue further education and training and worked as a teacher and lecturer.

During his stay in Wales, he obtained a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Education in 2009 and more recently in July 2020, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Management, both with distinction.

During his years of employment in education, he occupied various positions of responsibility such as 14-19 curriculum coordinator, programme leader and A-Level coordinator, among others. As such, he has had experience in managing people and management of change.

The board is satisfied that Mr Esparon has the necessary qualifications, sufficient leadership experience and professional attributes to lead the Independent School.

Mr Pragassen said: “We are confident that the whole school community, students, parents and staff will welcome Mr Esparon and give him all the cooperation and support he will surely need to meet the vision, values and ethos of the Independent School. With such a supportive environment, we believe he will be able to build on the school’s successes, drive improvement and further raise the quality of education for all students.

“On my part, even after my departure, I will continue to give him all my support in the interest of the school and wish Mr Esparon the very best.”



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